Chambor ‘Coral Reef’ Powder Matte Lipstick

chambor coral reef powder matte lipstick Hello Pretty People,

Today while rummaging through my vanity bag, I stumbled upon my once upon a time favorite lipstick- Chambor Coral Reef. I’m sure many of us have few essentials that have some memories attached to it. For me it is my Chambor Coral Reef lipstick. Not only it was my first buy from Chambor but I received a lot of compliments for the color. The colour will blend with any skin tone and also be worn as stain as the colour pigmentation is awesome! Honestly it has one of the best textures for a matte lipstick.


Innovative Formulated Lipstick which has both Moisturizer + Matte Effect in it. Powder Matte Lipsticks have a Non-Drying Triple Action Formula which:

1. Hydrates – Vitamin A & Jojoba Oil

2. Protects from the sun – UVA & UVB Filters (SPF – 15)

3. Has anti-ageing formula which softens & smoothens the lips – Vitamin E

  • Excellent moisturizing effect.
  • Emollients: For creaminess and comfort & gliding effect.
  •  Long wearing & water resistant.

PRICE: Rs 450/-

Chambor Powder Matte Lipsticks come in the case which is navy blue in color. The case has a matte outer finish.The packing is so significant of how matte the lipstick is. The color is out of this world. The shade 166 Coral Reef is true to it’s name. It is a bright coral shade, with a hint of pink in it, which further brightens up the shade. It   It’s a coral, peachy pink, sometimes pink, sometimes a little brick.

The texture of this one is super smooth, soft and pigmented. When you swipe the color, a thick pigmented color comes off, like almost a liquid lip color you would. I’ve a really pigmented lips and I’m not complaining!

I love the formula, being a matt lipstick it doesn’t dry and it lasts for more than 3 hours which is the best part about it. Chambor powder matte lipsticks have a weird fragrance,  good thing is that the fragrance does not stay for more than a minute after application. This colour


• Wow color. (The colour is coral but unlike the ones available in the market)

• Amazing texture.

• Covers lip pigmentation in a single swipe.

• Has SPF and vitamin-E.

• Amazing staying power.

• Price.


• Lips needs to be exfoliated and moisturized as it sometimes settles in five lines.

• The packaging is little boring and if you’ve more than one color it becomes difficult to figure when in hurry.

• Weird fragrance. (Actually the smell reminds me of my mom’s old lipstick.)


I suggest this to anyone who is a big fan of matte lipstick. The texture is smooth and glides without any hiccups… And the heavy pigmented color will not put you down! And yeah it’s a safe buy if you’re on tight budget and in need of a decent brand.

TIP: I always wear this lipstick with my brush. Actually it’s out of habit. It will not only help you to build up the colour but also give a smooth matte finish. And add a dash of your lip balm on top of it as it will give a nice sheen and will keep the lips hydrated.

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