M.A.C Prep+Prime Lip Base

M.A.C Prep+Prime Lip Base  lipsticketc

Hello Pretty People..

I somehow own lots of lipstick, lipstains, lipgloss, blush, foundations and kazillion other products but there are items which I have never owned- like a lip primer. For years now, I have been a regular lipstick user I am finding my lips are a little on the drier side. Also, I totally adore matte lipsticks and somehow get attracted towards purchasing only them! I also have discovered that some lipstick formulas aren’t the best- they can apply streaky with faint lines ruining the whole finish.

Also, It’s always important to have a smooth prepared surface for applying cosmetics and the lip area is all the more prominent. I love to wear bold lip colours and having your lips look perfect is always a challenge. Feathering and lasting are two terrible problems with lip products and it’s hard to find a suitable solution. Until I got my hands on this baby….

M.A.C Prep+Prime Lip base is a a colourless primer for you’re lips with slight moisturising properties. The MAC Prep + Prime Lip Primer is presented in the classic Prep + Prime packaging. I absolutely adore the glitter throughout the black tube and box, it makes the product look a little more glamorous and appealing. There is 1.7g of product in this tube.


This lip primer comes in a very thin sleek tube with a regular twist up, lipstick style dispenser. The tip of the product has a great small tip, so you can apply easily and with decent definition.

The primer is white in appearance but applies totally colorless to the lips. It is a pleasure to apply as it is so soft and smooth- there is no pulling or drag on the lips. I allow it to dry a little before I then apply my lipstick.

In short, i adore this and wish I had bought it 5 years ago.

The primer goes on in such a soft luxurious way. It feels buttery smooth and glides on so well. It feels delicious! You just apply it after your lip conditioner, then allow it to dry for a minute or so, then apply your chosen lip product. It provides a nice base for your lip product and it really helps with feathering and lasting power. I’m not worried about messy lips anymore and can wear my strong lip colours with confidence.

M.A.C Prep+Prime Lip Base  lipsticketc


  • As stated above, I love the way it applies to the lips, very smoothly
  • My lips become less dry throughout the day, even with formulas like longwearing lipsticks that usually are drying
  • My lipstick applies better. The primer creates a smoothed canvas. There is less streakiness and less lines on my lips
  • My lipstick lasts MUCH longer with this primer underneath. It does create a slightly tacky base where the lipstick adheres to the lip more effectively than a bare lip.
  • It is not sticky at all!


  • The price is a bit high but its a great product to have on hand.
  • If you use this often, it wont last very long.


This product is worth every cent. It makes sense to use a lip primer. Most of us prime our skin and our eyes before applying makeup, we should also prime our lips in preparation for our lip products.

The price is high, as M.A.C tends to be, however this product should last a really long time and I will definitely get good use out of it.

I would recommend this for those of you who have a problem with your lipstick bleeding or feathering. It will keep your lipstick in place and will also make your lipcolor look more vibrant! I just love this primer and would recommend it to anyone who likes to rock bold, bright lips!

M.A.C Prep+Prime Lip Base  lipsticketcMAC

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