MAC ‘Cherry’ Lip Pencil

MAC 'Cherry' Lip Pencil

I love red lips! And HOW much I love MAC is pretty obvious by now! A lip liner is very important when you’re going for a bold lip. Not only it gives a base colour but protects the lips from bleeding. MAC has a wide range of matte lip liners which is not surprisingly, usually OUT OF STOCK!

It took me three tours and 2 months to finally get my hands on the MAC ‘Cherry’ Lip Pencil! Okay I’m a sucker for red lips. I think its one colour which can transform anyone from subtle to sexy in a single swipe. So here I’m with MAC ‘Cherry’ Lip Pencil.

MAC 'Cherry' Lip Pencil


A pencil designed for shaping, lining or filling in the lip. Lip Pencils have a smooth, creamy texture that is perfect for lining the lips or filling them in. They are long-lasting and available in a wide selection of colors that work well with many different lipstick shades. The color of Lip Pencils is protected by vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant, and they contain emollients that moisturize the lips. Lip Pencils can be worn alone, with lipstick or Lipglass.


First, sharpen the lip pencil for optimal use. Close mouth and line around the lips until desired contrast is achieved, follow with complementary lip color.

PRICE: 900/-

MAC 'Cherry' Lip Pencil

The colour is so rich – deep blueish shade of red .Cherry has awesome creamy texture and the color is so pigmented, you can even use it on its own.  It is a barely blue-toned medium-dark red with a matte finish. The liner goes well in most of the red lipsticks be it MAC Ruby Woo, MAC Russian Red, MAC Prolong to name a few. The pigmentation is amazing and the gives full coverage in a single swipe. It is not at all drying nor does it takes off all the moisture once it is on my lips. It is non transferable which is like a bonus! The pencil is also quite long, so it will last longer than the other brands.


  • Smooth Matte texture.
  • Non transferable.
  • Highly Pigmented.
  • Long lasting


  • None… Other than it’s mostly Out of Stock!

I love the lip liner! And  I highly recommend it to everyone who loves sporting red lips. And it is worth the price as the pencil stick is much longer than rest of the liners available.

MAC 'Cherry' Lip Pencil

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