The Oscars- Red Carpet Trends!

Last night was undoubtedly my favorite night of the year, the Oscars! I’ve already gone through all the best beauty looks already for you but what about the trends you ask?  You might be seeing tons of posts about how the celebs looked on the red carpet, and while looking at the millionth “Best and Worst Dressed” lists might get repetitive after a while, I could not help but to add another review on the best hair and makeup looks during the Oscars. Plus this is a great way to steal these amazing looks for yourself! Check out some of the top Oscars beauty trends…

Anne Hathaway; Nicole Kidman

1. Pink Lips

A pink lip is one of Anne Hathaway’s favourite beauty rules – whenever there’s a big event she is the first to rock a pinky shade. Last night was no exception and along with Nicole Kidman, her lips were the talk of the night. Shying away from the very hot/neon shade that was on the catwalks, the actresses went for more flattering soft pink shades to warm their complexions and add depth to their makeup. We love! Check out some awesome hot pink lipsticks such as Lancome Color Design Matte in Posh Pink, MAC Mehr, Lancome Rouge in Love in Rose Boudoir here!

Catherine Zeta-Jones; Reese Witherspoon

2. Wave-Mania

Our fave hair look came in the form of some killer voluminous waves. Yep, spotted on a few of the A-list – most stylishly so on Catherine and Reese – it’s a look that works really well for the red carpet as its a little too formal for day to day. To hold the style in place, a decent amount of hairspray is required and as you can see from these two, you want the waves to stay firmly in place so that they are almost like firm curls.

Olivia Munn; Jessica Chastain

3. Red Lips

Now it’s never that surprising to spot a nice rouge lip at the Oscars – a classic colour to match the carpet, well why not. Olivia and Jessica got it spot on with their textbook perfect mouths last night and this stylish look gets top marks from us. It never fails to disappoint and is an easy way to instantly liven up your face, whiten teeth and add glamour to your beauty look. Check out some fabulous red lipsticks like MAC Ruby Woo (which was a staple on this years red carpets all around), MAC Prolong, MAC So Chaud here..

Amanda Seyfried; Naomi Watts

4. Quiffs Go Classic

Now we know the word quiff springs to mind a young, tom-boy type teenager who is feeling a little confused but when you see beauties Amanda and Naomi working a more classic take on the hair-do, you can see how it works. Far from the masculine style it used to be, this looks both chic and on-trend and works perfectly on there two. Not only does it add height to the hair but it lifts the face a little too, creating a flattering ‘lift’ effect.

Jennifer Lawrence; Salma Hayek

5. Smoke It Up

Along with the red lip, the only other beauty look that is a total failsafe for the Oscars is a gorgeous smoky eye. As seen on both award-winning Jennifer Lawrence and Salma, it is a makeup trend that is a flattering and sexy focal point for the face. These two chose very dark black colours for theirs (remember you have to pile on the makeup much more at rec carpet events) and it’s worked really well on both of them. Nice work ladies… Try Loreal Infallible Eyeshadows to get this look!

Jennifer Garner; Kerry Washington

6. Centre Stage

There were all sorts of hair-do’s going down last night and all sorts of different partings too – side ones, middle ones, upwards ones… but I have to say that the ones that caught everyones eye the most were the centre partings. As seen on Jennifer and Kerry, a centre parting is easy to wear and looks fab too. It give the face symmetry (which is supposedly the pinnacle of all beauty) and is flattering too.

Halle Berry; Adele

7. High Five For Falsies

Spotted were some killer false lashes last night and top of my list was Halle Berry and Adele. Halle went for neat falsies that matched her own length whilst Adele went all out with full-on high impact ones that really opened up her eyes and dazzled the red carpet. Once you’ve applied some killer falsies, you can be a little more lazy about your eyeshadow as they do most of the work for you. Both Halle and Adele have gone easy of the eye colour, keeping attention on their model-worthy long lashes.

Charlize Theron; Sandra Bullock

8. New Nudes

We have to say we really enjoyed some of the beautiful nudes at the Oscars. Aside from rouge or pinks, a simple nude lip can work brilliantly. Just like you can see on Charlize and Sandra, it’s a feminine look that looks elegant and fresh too. As it’s quite an easy one to do at home, the key is to get a glossy shade that will give lips a shine. Or else, apply your colour and add a layer of clear gloss over the top. Check out MAC Mehr, MAC Yash, Lancome Color Design Matte in StylistaMAC Kinda Sexy for some amazing nude shades…

Anne Hathaway; Jennifer Lawrence

9. Mannequin Manicures

Spotted were a few mannequin mani’s last night too, most noticeably on two of the winners, Anne and Jennifer. Not only is this bang on trend but it’s an easy and wearable option to go for. If the girls don’t know what they will be wearing, a simple nude shade is going to go with anything so it’s one thing out of the way when they are getting prepped. Plus it’s elegant and simple and well, quite frankly, gorgeous.

Emmy Rossum; Salma Hayek

10. The St. Tropez Glow

There’s only one way to flaunt the red carpet and it’s with a good tan! Both Emmy Rossum and Salma Hayek were glowing and golden last night. Emmy’s has a soft and subtle sheen whilst Salma’s deep honey tone is thanks to St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse. Radiant in all senses of the word…

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