L’oreal Paris la creme True Match BB Cream


Hello Pretty Women!

As we all know- the rush for BB creams is so ON these days. Every brand is coming out with it’s own BB creams as they have seen an enormous market among Indian ladies for this BB cream. No wonder as BB creams are sort of a skin changing product, at least for me as they practically do everything for your skin from moisturisation to coverage of blemishes and what not. I stumbled upon this “L’oreal Paris la creme True Match BB Cream”. I am a big fan of Loreal True Match range. Read On….

When it comes to luxurious packaging, L’oreal sure knows how to win hearts. The packaging of this BB Cream won my heart at the first sight. But what broke my heart was when I read these words on the BB Cream> “Hyaluronic Moisture Aqua”! I thought to myself that I have super oily skin and this will be a waste for me. But since it’s water based and not oil based, it has a very light texture which is not at all greasy. And I love that!
That also means that not only do I get to review a new launch for my readers but also make an investment for the future. You see killing two birds with one stone.
L’oreal Claims:

The 1st BB Cream with 360° skin care for to idealize a natural flawless skin tone and texture, inside out.

A BB Skin Care Revolution: Skin’s Smoothness is retexturizes,brightness retoned, and perfected from within.

Retexturize: Adenosine, dermatologically known anti-ageing active to smooth skin texture.

Retone: Vitamin CG evens skin clarity. Brown spots and yellowish skin tone instantly appears to be neutralized.

Protect: SPF 35+++ shields skin against environmental assault.

Coming to this BB Cream-
–            L’oreal true Match BB Cream comes in a beautiful gold packaging as you can see.
–            It has SPF35 with PA+++ , which is a very good protection level. “PA” ranking refers to the amount of protection the sunscreen offers from the UVA rays which may cause long-term skin damage. The more +’s, the more is the protection level.
–            The texture is light but creamy! It’s a put off for oily skinned people since even after applying compact; they will need to touch up very soon. On the other hand, dry skinned people are going to love this since it hydrates and moisturizes the skin very well. I think this will also work for combination skinned people with a few touch-ups in a day.
–            It gets easily absorbed on tapping onto the skin and actually brightens the skin. The brightening effect remains on the skin for quite a few hours.
–            The finish is soft dewy look.
–            It gives a medium coverage and hides the pimples/freckles/acne scars/medium dark circles to a good extent.
–            It evens out the skin tone very well.
–            It doesn’t transfers at all.
–            It does have a tendency of settling a little into the under eye lines, so take care of that aspect. I mostly like to use a brush there for concealing.
–            The shade selection is bad. Plus, the shade which I have, I haven’t seen it online.


The L’Oreal Paris la crème True match skin idealizing BB cream, comes in a gold coloured cardboard carton. The cream itself comes in a beige coloured tube with a golden screw on cap. The packaging is very attractive and also sturdy and travel friendly! In fact, I love the packaging!! It looks like a classy high-end product!

The nozzle dispenses the cream easily and is very easy to use. No hassles with the packaging as such!

L’oreal Paris la creme True Match BB Cream

My Experience:

This was quite an impulsive purchase for me and I’m glad I bought it!

There are 3 shades in this BB cream – Warm (Honey), Neutral (Gold) and Cool (Ivory).

I chose the shade IVORY as i have pinkish undertones and I am fair. I like the simple packing. What’s amazing is that it is moisturizing but not so much that my oily face cannot bear. I set it with a powder or a compact and my face stays oil-free for 3-4 hours. It provides a more flawless and natural coverage. It doesn’t feel like I have applied anything on my face as it’s so light. I am so in love with this True Match Range. All the products give me flawless, natural and oil-free coverage. I don’t need to apply concealer on my blemishes as they are light. But if you have dark blemishes, you might need a concealer.


  • Easy to blend
  • Gives a flawless natural coverage
  • Feels very light and evens tone my skin
  • Moisturizing yet non-greasy. My skin stays oil free for atleast 2-3 hours after applying it.
  • Since it’s moisturizing, it doesn’t dry my skin.
  • Maximum SPF than all the BB creams I have used till now
  • Stays on for 6-7 hours


  • Not easy on the pocket

As I said above, this blends very easily, since the texture is very light it is very easy to blend this. And even when I have a hurried morning routine, I don’t find it tough or time-consuming to use. it almost gets absorbed by skin and doesn’t look like you’re wearing anything. It makes my skin look as if it’s like that naturally!

Also, it doesn’t transfer on handkerchiefs or clothes even while sweating!

The cream is on the expensive side. But then, it’s L’Oreal and their pricing is like that. Also, I feel for the texture, it’s worth it!

Now the question is whether I would purchase Loreal BB Cream or Lakme CC Cream which cost half as much as this one. Well, I would definitely prefer the L’oreal BB cream as it’s moisturizing yet non greasy while Lakme CC Cream is a little on the greasy side. So my oily skin stays oil-free for a longer time with the L’oreal BB cream. The coverage provided by L’oreal is so natural and blends in my skin whereas Lakme CC Cream’s coverage is a little cakey as compared to L’oreal one. And also has high sun protection.


Use on a perfectly cleansed skin. Just squeeze out a little BB Cream ob your palm and then apply in spots over your forehead, chin and cheeks. Use your finger tips to blend the cream all over your face with short, quick strokes.

Overall, it’s a good BB cream especially for dry skin. It brightens up the face really well and gives medium coverage. It can be a bit too rich for oily skinned girls. Beautifully packaged but also, a little expensive. I definitely recommend trying it if a shade matches you! I’m also loving the Lakme CC cream a lot these days! Will review that too for you super soon.!!!


  1. Ankita

    I love L’Oréal true match products.. I’m definitely going to get this one on my next shopping spree. I’ve been waiting for a water based bb cream since I have very oily skin. Thxx for the review.. Love it.. It was very helpful!!

  2. Thanks Ankita, Go for it. Trust me it’s better than the other ones available in the Indian market. But do make sure you only but it if it matches you’re skin tone- since it has only 3 shades – Warm (Honey), Neutral (Gold) and Cool (Ivory). Mostly they cover almost all indian skin tones but i suggest to always make sure it blends well. Let me know you’re experience 🙂

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