BB, CC or DD cream!??


With the arrival of DD creams, women everywhere are spoilt for choice and can’t decide whether to go for a BB, CC or DD cream!

Is it a tinted moisturiser or is it a foundation with skin-perfecting benefits? While you were busy trying to figure out the many facets of the numerous brands of BB and CC creams available in the market, the competition just got tougher. With DD creams hitting cosmetic shelves all over the world, the influx in beauty creams has got everyone in a tizzy! To help you take your pick of the best of these lettered creams, we ask experts to break down the three.

BB creams 

What is it: BB cream, which stands for blemish balm or beauty balm was South-East Asia’s hottest beauty export and it became popular all over the world, after South Korean actresses swore it was their secret to gorgeous skin! Historically, BB creams were intended to regenerate the skin after aggressive facial treatments, and conceal any possible redness by providing moisture and radiance. But today, they provide coverage with added skin care benefits like SPF antioxidants, anti-aging etc. (the list is endless, depending on the brand you choose).

How it works: Lighter than foundation but heavier than moisturisers, BB creams not only cover blemishes with a light tint but also give the skin a natural glow. They are light in texture and easy to use. But they are not a part of contemporary make-up. Some BB creams have anti-aging properties as well due to ingredients like hyaluronic acid, collagen, etc. Their texture, average coverage and SPF content make them popular.

Is it for you: Because of its light coverage and texture, BB creams are beneficial for women, with long office hours. If you have undergone an intense facial treatment and want to hide the rednesss of your skin but don’t want to use heavy make-up, opt for this cream.

CC creams

What is it: Call it a refined version of BB creams, Colour Control, Colour Correcting or Complexion Care creams have similar properties that cover blemishes but have a higher colour content.

How it works: Since the colour content is higher in CC creams as compared to those of BB creams, they can be applied as an alternative to regular foundations and base make-up. They also come with a higher SPF. In addition to the benefits that are there in BB creams, CC creams usually have additional active ingredients. With its usage, dull, ashy skin appears more luminous and brighter; sallow, yellow skin gets a peachy glow and blotchy redness is neutralised. Skin imperfections are instantly corrected for a virtually flawless look, leaving the skin with a radiant finish.

Is it for you: If you’re looking for a little more tinted coverage and additional skin benefits but don’t want to apply make-up foundation, CC creams are your best bet.

DD creams

What is it: The latest addition to lettered creams, even before the first Daily Defense or Dynamic Do-all cream released, beauty experts had predicted that DD creams weren’t meant for the face. They were originally touted to be heavy duty body and foot creams. But the current DD cream is being marketed as a hybrid of BB and CC creams.

How it works: Since they are considered to have the benefits of both BB and CC creams, these are heavy duty in texture, for extra hydration and provide not only tinted coverage but are also very high on SPF and anti-aging ingredients. These creams are designed to protect skin, moisturise, diminish fine lines and balance uneven skin tone.

Is it for you: Though they are very similar to CC creams, if you are looking for a tinted moisturiser which focusses more on anti-aging properties to treat mature skin, choose this one.


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