Lipstick Shades To Fake A Brighter Smile!


Don’t we just love seeing women embrace their gap-toothed grins and snaggle fangs, but a brighter smile is something we all want. However, at-home teeth whitening kits are often pricey and painful and natural remedies for whiter teeth can take lots of time. But did you know that achieving a megawatt smile was a simple as applying lipstick?

Here are some tips below on faking a brighter smile with the perfect lipstick shade, as well as which colors can make your teeth look yellow.

lipsticks for a brighter smile

For a smile that shines bright like a diamond try…

Rich reds and berries: These are the best lipstick shades for making your pearly whites stand out. They will reflect off your smile to boost brightness.

Lip colors with blue undertones: The blue counteracts with yellow in enamel, making your smile appear instantly whiter.

Shiny, nude glosses: A glossy, shimmering formula in a classic neutral works to reflect against graying enamel, creating an illusion that teeth are shinier than they actually are.

lipsticks for a brighter smile

The culprits behind a yellow grin are…

Bright orange and yellow-toned reds: Shades like coral or tomato have yellow-orange undertones, and work to play up the yellow in teeth. Avoid colors like these to prevent further yellowing.

Pale pinks, frosts and mattes: Steer clear of these shades and formulas, as they accentuate stains and make your smile appeal duller.

Have you tried any of these teeth whitening tricks?

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