Super Easy Eyeliner Styles for Rookies!


So here’s a thought.. Would you wear the same jeans and t-shirt to work every day? No? Then why do you insist on wearing the same eye makeup for days, even months, on end? 

Oh, I hear the excuses already: You’re too busy getting everyone ready in the morning; you don’t want to emerge from the bathroom looking like you got punched in the eye; the list could go on. Which is why you resort to your usual thin, black line.

Sorry, but there’s no excuse for wearing the same blasé eyeliner day in and day out — especially when there are so many different, outrageous ways to use this essential makeup tool. Even if you’re an eyeliner rookie, here’s a break down the basics and bring you the expert techniques you need to master these stunning looks on your first try.

Think about it: Eyeliner is not only a way to play with color and make a statement, but it’s also the perfect instrument to reshape your eye. You don’t have to go under the knife for bigger-looking eyes if you know how to wield the brush for your eye shape. Wherever you put darkness is where your eye is drawn to. Which means eyeliner allows you to change the shape of your eye. Got small eyes? Make them bigger with a smoky wraparound. Want to elongate your eyes’ width? Do an exaggerated winged tip. The possibilities are endless – here are 4 fresh and easy styles for you beginners to get you started.



We’ll start with the simplest, can’t-screw-it-up way to wear your liner. Apply a kohl pencil liner from the inner to the outer edges of your upper lashline. Close your eye and pull your lid taut to draw your line. For your first pass, wiggle it in between your lashes (it will make them look thicker), and on your second pass make the line thicker if you want. Then use a small chiseled brush or an angled brush to smudge the line to make it softer. Smudging is key when you’re afraid you won’t create a straight line. When applying eyeliner, it’s not about creating a straight line with the pencil, but going back and forth with your brush until the line is smooth.”



When you look like you only slept 20 minutes last night, the oldest trick in the book to appear awake and bright-eyed is to apply a beige-colored eyeliner to your lower inner rim (aka your waterline). It helps counteract tired, red eyes and makes your eyes look larger. With your index finger, gently pull down your lower lid to expose your inner rim. Then with your pencil, gently go over your waterline, taking care to not poke yourself in the eye.



It’s easy to wear a statement look even if you don’t have a steady hand or hours of practice. All you need for this bold look is a long-wear pencil liner in a bright color of your choice. Long-wear liners are usually twist-up pencils, so you can’t control the sharpness of the tip, which prevents drawing a straight edge. However, unlike kohl pencils, long-wear pencils will give you bold matte color that’ll last for hours. Apply the liner to just your lower lashline from the inner to outer corners, using short strokes. To pull it into a cohesive look, you can apply eyeshadow in the same color family to your upper lids, but make it two shades brighter. Break up the bright color by applying a thin black line to your upper lashline and apply mascara.



The upper inner rim doesn’t always get as much attention as its lower counterpart, but it’s an equally important area to define. Applying black liner to your upper rim will intensify your lashline, giving you natural looking definition without the hard edge of a liner. All you have to do is lift up your upper lid, while looking down into a mirror, and apply the black pencil in short strokes.

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