Four Oil Hair Recipe

Hair Oil at home

Hello Pretty People..

So… Since I have long, thick, wavy, colored and treated several times, blonde-brown, dry hair(phew!)… Once in a while I’ve started taming them with at home hair remedies instead of constantly using hair products! Here’s a four oil recipe that I religiously follow for better and lustrous hair. So If you need a quick fix for that oh-so dull hair that your mother can’t stop complaining about, then try your hand at this. A simple mixture of four oils is all you need to get that shiny, healthy hair…

The Oils:

Olive oil: What olive oil does to hair is make it shiny and smooth, repairs damaged hair and strengthen it.

Coconut oil: Helps naturally nourish the hair

Castor oil: Helps in making the hair thicker and healthier.

Almond oil: Helps in hair growth, smoothening and remedy for hair loss.

The mix:
These four oils together are a perfect remedy for dull and boring hair as all combined together gives you natural nourishment; repairs damaged hair along with a shiny and silky coat. When you mix all the oils together, you must make sure you use lesser castor oil, since it is thicker oil compared to the almond, olive and coconut oils.

So if you use one cup olive, coconut and almond, then use just half a cup of castor.

You could even add a little bit of ground rosemary or lavender to add a nice smell to the oils. The best part is, once you make it, you can store it for months and keep using it when you like.

Use this mixture once every week (or twice if possible) and notice the difference in you’re hairs texture, quality and look and feel! My locks feel shiny, silky, nourished and hydrated and even feel soft and easy to manage! It’s unbelievable!

TIP: You can add a few drops of fragranced oil to the mixture and use it as a leave in serum.. Remember to use only a few drops and only at the ends of you’re hair to combat the dry- frizzyness!

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