Keep it Clean!


Hello Girls..

Here’s a small checklist on how you can keep your makeup pristine and clean without any hassles..

  • Keep lids, caps, etc., tight and secure.
  • Get rid of anything that looks or smells bad or seems otherwise funky.
  • Store products out of sunlight in cool, dry places.
  • Give your brushes a regular bath, cleansing them in gentle shampoo, or liquid soap and rinsing carefully at least weekly. Be careful not to soak brushes for too long, it can loosen glue.
  • Don’t share your makeup. Ever.
  • Toss products such as lipsticks and mascaras that you’ve worn during a period of illness.
  • Write date of purchase on your products with a Sharpie-type marker.
  • Don’t overspend on products with a shorter shelf-life (such as mascara.) The quality of drugstore cosmetics rivals that of many upscale offerings.
  • Buy luxe items (such as pricey mascaras) or creams in travel sizes.
  • Look for expiration dates on products containing sunscreen.
  • Avoid anything packaged in jars.
  • Always wash your hands before handling cosmetics (especially anything you apply by first sticking your digits into a jar.)
  • Edit your inventory the same way you would your closets as you prepare for the change of seasons.
  • Toss items you haven’t used in the last year.

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