Top Ten Makeup Tips!

Hi Girls!

So…Here are my Top Ten Tips to help you accomplish a flawless face in minutes…

1. Buy more than one colour foundation for yourself, if you tan or otherwise. Getting this right can make you look 10-15 years younger. Match your colour to your shoulder, not your face.

2. Avoid frosting on the eyes, if you have lines – this will make you look older.

3. Never smile when you put on blush

4. Always do your makeup in a natural light

5. If you think you’ve got too much makeup on- you have!

6. Take a photo of your makeup when you are finished – cameras don’t lie

7. Makeup doesn’t stop at the jaw line. Make sure to do your decolletage

8. If you want to widen tired eyes, only use mascara on the top lashes

9. Do your eye makeup first. You can erase the mess you leave after with foundation

10. Remove all oil from eyelids before you begin

I really hope these simple, quick tips help you, as they have literally changed my approach towards using day to day makeup!! I wanted to add a couple of more but then i realized it would turn into top 23 makeup tips! :S

Soooo, wait for my next post on easy makeup tips for more awesome tricks!

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