Basic Beauty Regime!


We all are Narcissus, in a way, and all our life we are followed by Ego. Actually, there is nothing harm in being in love with yourself, and being pursued by other people. This is the underlining ethic of trying to look good and being followed by admirers. Makeup has the power to transform your personality. You will not only gain confidence but also have a tremendous impact on people’s perception about you.

Before you begin the makeup, or buy cosmetic products for that matter, the first thing you need to know is the type of your skin. You have to properly identify what is right for you. If you can’t identify the products that suit you or your skin type, you can take advice of dermatologist, cosmetologist or makeup artist.

Let’s say, you know your skin type and have identified the products that suit you. Here is the list of basic cosmetic products, and tips for a complete makeover. Oh, and these are a must have for every girl in her make up kit!


Cleansing and moisturizing skin every morning and night are essential parts to the make-up puzzle. Wholesome skin is beautiful skin, and the healthier your skin, the more effective your make-up is likely to look. With regards to optimally healthful skin, it is essential to consume food nutritiously, drink a sufficient amount of fluids, steer clear of tanning and put on sunscreen whenever outside, and avoid polluted smoky ambience.

Before you apply anything, you have to cleanse your facial skin, only then you can use moisturizer. Moisturizer, which is must for all seasons, not only moistens your skin but also provides the base for the makeup.


The key is to select both concealer and foundation that complement your skin tone. It is best to have a expert consultation conducted to figure out the ideal shade for your skin.
Concealer as well as foundation are both supplied in solid, liquid, and loose mineral forms. Selecting which is best will depend on on your skin type and individual tastes. Solid makeup tends to cover very well, however can look caked on and seems to have a higher inclination to clog skin pores compared to the other types. Liquid foundation is the most readily available, and for that reason offered in a variety of shades, yet can result in issues with mess and can streak if not blended properly. Loose mineral makeup covers really well nonetheless tends to be the most pricey of the three.

Very few women have flawless skin, that’s why concealer is very important cosmetic product. It helps to produce smooth color tone. Concealer is used to cover up blemishes like dark spots and patches. Concealer sticks are very popular as they are easy to apply.


You have to be very careful to choose the right foundation for your skin type. Remember, water base foundations are suitable for oily skins, where as creamy based foundations are for dry skin. You have to have two different foundations, one for the day and one for the evening. The foundation you choose must be closer to your skin tone. Blending foundation is very important. Use fingers or sponge to apply foundation on your face.

Choose a foundation shade by matching it on your shoulders.

You have to apply foundation even on your eyelids. You must not begin your eye makeup without using foundation on your eyelids.


When it comes to powder, you must keep in mind that powder exists to set your makeup. Whether or not picking compact or loose powder, translucent is typically the best approach to go.

Face powder helps to set the foundation. It is important to carry compact powder in your hand bag, and apply once in a while. Compact powder touch gives you long lasting makeup. With a large powder brush, apply loose translucent face powder. Make sure powder does not settle on tiny wrinkles, eyes and eyebrows.


Blush, when used along the cheekbone, can easily produce definition where there is none. When used on the apples of the cheeks (that is the area in between the cheekbone, eyes, and nose), it may well add plumpness to faces that may be drawn. Shimmer can be applied to the T-Zone with superb results, and bronzer can be used all over to make a natural looking glow. It is essential that, no matter which of the three things that are picked, they are used modestly in order to to not look overly done, and to let your natural grace shine through.

Blusher gives glow to your skin. Blushers have different shades such as rose, russet, coral, pink etc. There are many types of blusher available in the market; however, powder blushers are more common. Powder blushers are not only easy to apply, but also blend quite naturally. If your skin is pallid, you must avoid brown or orange tone.


Lipsticks come in different colors. Ability to choose the right color gives your entire face a define look. Painting lips needs to be left sweet and straightforward. Select a light shade of lip liner and line all around the lips. Always be cautious not to line on the outside of the lips – just stick to what nature gave you. Fill in the lips with the liner This helps you to define your lips. Apply lipstick and then blot the lips with tissue. Use little powder on your lips and again apply lipstick. This will give a longer lasting effect. and then cover with a pale gloss. Do not go overboard with lip color.

Eyes and Eyebrows

You have to be very careful about your eyes and eyebrows.

Eyebrows not only protect your eyes from dust, but also form an exotic frame for the eyes. It is important to keep eyebrows in perfect balance with the shape of the face. You can give a proper shape to your eyebrows by threading or remove stray hairs with a tweezer. Remember, not to pluck hairs right above the brows. After your eyebrows get defined shape, use light feathery strokes with an eyebrow pencil. You have to use a brown pencil or shadow instead of black, because brown color gives you a more natural looks. Nevertheless, you may use black pencil if you have dark black eyebrows.

Eye shadow

Knowing the right shade for your eyes is very important. Eye shadow can make you look glamorous, innocent or decent. If you prefer to look glamorous, use glittery eye shadows. Eye shadow helps recontour the eyes and add emphasis to them. Learn to experiment with colors and textures.

Eye shadows come in cream or powder. They can be frosted or matte finished. Powder shadows are more popular as they are easier to apply and blend. Use light colors to highlight and dark colors to make the area recede.

Mascara and eyeliner

Too much eye makeup  (Eye shadow, Eye liner or Mascara) can cause you to look clownish or can produce an unnecessary harshness. Stick with nude shades for instance soft pinks, peaches, and tans for eye shadow, using only a slightly darker shade along the crease of the eyelid for definition. For color, try using a navy eyeliner. This color is likely to make the whites of the eyes look whiter.

 Mascara plays an important purpose in eye makeup, and there are as many different types of mascaras as there are young women to use them. First discover what your needs are. If you possess short eyelashes, choose a lengthening formulation. If your eyelashes tend to stick together, search for a mascara with a separating wand.

Mascara and eyeliner makes your eyes bright, giving you appealing look. After you apply eye shadow, you have to use eyeliner and mascara.

The Finishing Touch 

After you are done with makeup, look into a small mirror and see if there are smudges on your face. Brush your face with a large clean brush. Brushing helps you to remove excess powder or eye shadow.

Oh, and just as a general tip: make sure you don’t use expired makeup! Check out the shelf life of your makeup here, and how to properly remove your makeup (very important!) here

I hope my tips have helped some of the newbies to makeup. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section below, and for those who are experienced in makeup, please add in your tips as well! I’d love to hear them.

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